Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a list of commonly asked questions, but if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

What is a "Baby Box"?

The baby box is a Finnish tradition for 90 years. First thought to have contributed to the decline in SIDS in Finland, but subsequently brought about a resounding trend amongst working women with notions of helping them kickstart motherhood in their busy lifestyles. This a well-known gift by the Finnish government to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a baby gift on the birth of Prince George, their eldest son. Currently, this trend has become immensely popular in the western culture and is now a birth gift by the government in Finland, UK and Scotland. The current babybox is made of card box boxes with a foam mattress and may come in contents inclusive of infant clothes and motherhood guides.


How is Angel Baby Box different?

Angel Baby Box is a careful reinvention of the traditional baby box.  We work with a team of designers whom we hope has addressed mothers’ wish lists for a sleeping pod for early babyhood. Angel Baby Box is specially designed to allow infinite usage beyond a box.

Angel Baby Box is multifunctional sleeping pod which has a double lock mechanism and made with carefully sourced materials which are safe for babies.  Angel Baby Box is a sleeping pod, a baby mat and a travelling cot. 

Place Angel Baby Box in close proximity on a sturdy surface as a night sleeping pod or wherever you may be.  Change it into a playmat to change nappies or your baby's first crawl! Flat pack and carry it with you when you are travelling.  Your baby will always have their personal sleeping and playing space, made with comfort and safety.


What are the multi-functions of Angel Baby Box?

Angel Baby Box can be used as a :

1) Gift Box?

2) Sleeping Cot

3) Playmat / Dressing Mat 

4) Flat Pack for travelling?


How do I use the Angel Baby Box?

The registered design features a quick one step to transform in from a Babybox for sleeping to a play/dressing mat, that allows it to double up as a playmat to extend its usefulness and flat-packed for transportation. The transformation is seamless and simple with NO loose parts. The larger opening to smaller base angled design ergonomically facilitates easy management and carrying the baby in and out; it also provides better visibility for parents or care-takers with a wider viewing angle. Angel Baby Box is compact, easy to assemble, and easy to transport in its carry case, making it easy to take on the go anywhere needed.


What is Angel Baby Box made of?

Angel Baby Box is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials

Base: Non-toxic EVA foam

Base cover (Premium): Eco-friendly leather plus made from leather pulp

Base cover (Standard): Eco-friendly 100% Japanese cotton

The lid structure is made from the same Non-toxic foam core wrapped with the same safe materials.

Leather plus (for Premium version) and 100% cotton (for standard version)


What are the product dimensions of Angel Baby Box?

Product Dimensions

920 x 540 x 250mm (Closed Box)

1350 x 1130 x 10mm (Opened Mat)

920 x 540 x 80mm (Flat Pack)


How do I clean the Angel Baby Box?

The Angel Baby Box is made of removable fabric which can be easily washed by hand or by the machine.


What is the longevity of the Angel Baby Box?

By and large, we recommend stopping using the Angel Baby Box when your baby starts to pull themselves up independently. This is normally between 6 to 8 months of age. Thereafter, turn it into a baby mat for your baby’s first crawl!

You can choose to flat pack the Baby box and keep it as a memento for your baby or gift it away.


Is there a weight limit for the Angel Baby Box?

The Baby Box has been certified to hold a weight of 20kg easily.


What are the safety precautions I need to note when using the Angel Baby Box?

While using the Angel Baby Box is very safe, every Box comes to an exhaustive information booklet of Do's and Dont's. We recommend adhering to our recommendations and precautions in the Information Booklet.

Note : Do not place the Angel Baby Box in a common walkway to avoid tripping over and or stepping into the box and always keep the Angel Baby Box on a sturdy, smooth and flat surface to avoid toppling over. Do not cover the Angel Baby Box with the lid when your baby is in it.