Angel BabyBox - The Story of Our Name

Angel BabyBox

The Angelic Series

The Story of Our Name

Angels – the epitomy of purity and beauty, the intermediaries of LOVE.

The founders of the company wanted to create baby products that is synonymous with love and protection that is safe and luxurious.  Our Angelic series depicts the archangels (chief angels) – Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel, their quality, we hope will shine through the making of our product.  Each product by Angel Babybox has been carefully thought-through, designed and handcrafted by well recognised designers and craftsman.

Michael, the Archangel: The foremost of archangels, princes. The Defender and Protector.

We launch with Michael, the foremost of Archangels , whom provides guidance, unconditional love and protection. Just as we hope our product with its safety embellishments will grow with your baby’s first days to their first crawling steps, in unparalleled comfort and safety. The neutrality of the color chosen for the box signifies purity and strength and the design, a modern time twist to the traditional roles of parenthood- as our baby’s Defender and Protector.

Angel BabyBox